What a screwy day!

What a screwy day!

Tuesday, Aug. 23, what a screwy day!

Billy and I had been talking about taking his son, Ryan, drum fishing before school started and Tuesday was the day we picked. We had an office meeting scheduled for 8:30 and it got canceled at the last minute. I spent most of the morning trying to compose an email for Outer Banks Sportsmen’s Fellowship only to have Norton block me from sending it because somebody’s email address on the list has been compromised.

Jay came down from Nash County anyway and brought 8 new listings with him for Mossy Oak Properties. In the middle of helping Jay load listings Billy got an offer on one of our MOP tracts. With all he had going on we decided to postpone the trip with Ryan. I was scheduled to fish out of Manteo Wednesday but called Rob Allen and his son, Bobby Ray, to see if they wanted to go drum fishing in Swan Quarter instead. Before I heard back from him Anna called and canceled my 1:30 haircut because her daughter’s horse was down and she had to go figure out what was going on. On the way to O’Neals to pick up some mullets Kent Vaughan and I swapped some tarpon and drum reports on the phone and while I was there he sent me a text saying he had just felt an earthquake and immediately after that the reports started flying.

Outer Banks fishingI picked up Rob and Bobby Ray at 3:00 and we headed to Hyde. We stopped at a speckled trout spot on the way to one of my drum spots. Would you believe we pulled off every trout we hooked. We really had drum on the brain so that didn’t bother me too bad. We fed bait stealing rascals for an hour on one of my best drum spots with no bites. That did start to bother me. The sunset was gorgeous but it’s always better when you’re holding a 40 pound Redfish in front of it. At this point earthquakes and Irene aren’t as important as where to catch these boys a drum in the last few minutes of daylight. We moved to an old faithful spot and when I saw the slicks all over the place I realized we should have been there all along.

I had just hung up the phone from telling the girls goodnight when we hooked the first fish then the second and then the third. A good old fashioned covey rise. All 3 fish were males, the biggest of which was about 35 lbs. It was Bobby Ray’s first Redfish and Rob’s biggest. What a way to end one of the screwiest days I can remember. I didn’t get any pictures with my camera cause there was too much going on but we did get a few with theirs. Hopefully Rob will send’em along and I’ll pass’em along to you.

I’ve included a spectacular sunset shot from this day and a few shots of Tommy and Gary from the evening before Hurricane Earl last year.