Warrior Hunts of Virginia

Warrior Hunts of Virginia

We, the people of the United States of America, come from a long lineage of fighters; we fought for our freedom in 1776 and we still fight for it today in 2018. And even though the theaters of war have changed over the last 242 years, the purpose has remained the same: to defend the Red, White and Blue. We can never thank our warriors enough for the sacrifices they make, but we all have the opportunity to show our appreciation each and every day

This past weekend Mossy Oak Properties agent Johnny Seamster organized a turkey hunt for six of our wounded warriors; this is an annual event that is put on by Warrior Hunts of Virginia. The Mission Statement for Warrior Hunts of Virginia captures it all, “To recognize and honor our American Military Heroes by providing them enjoyable outdoor activities that meaningfully express respect for their willingness to serve, admiration for their love of our nation, and profound appreciation for their life-changing sacrifices…and to inspire others to do the same. To promote patriotism, support efforts that positively acknowledge the service of our Veterans, and ensure that those with whom our organization comes into contact…NEVER forget the high cost of Freedom.” The hunts took place in Mecklenburg and Lunenburg counties on Friday and Saturday, and after a couple days of fun hunting there are two less Eastern Turkeys in Virginia.

The weekend that Johnny and Warrior Hunts of Virginia put on perfectly captures why we wake up at four in the morning to hunt. It’s the experience. Sure, having successful hunts make it all the better but it’s not why we roll out of bed at four in the morning. The why is to experience being in nature and enjoying God’s creations and I cannot think of a better experience than going with those who make it possible for us to hunt. Without America’s men and women in uniform, we wouldn’t be able to experience the joys of hunting. So for Johnny and everyone else involved this past weekend, it was more than just a hunt: it was an opportunity to say “thanks” in the best way they know how.

Let us all take the time to acknowledge and give thanks those who have spent time in the service of our country. Whether we take them hunting, fishing, bowling, or to a baseball game, we can all show our veterans the support they deserve. If you know a warrior who you’d like to nominate to go on an all-expenses paid hunting trip, contact Johnny Seamster directly and he’ll be glad to talk with you.

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