Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade


As land specialists, we spend a lot of time in the field. We know the properties we list and sell very well. Many hours are spent in the field learning a property, no matter the acreage. In fact, I spent several hours one day earlier in the week with another land specialist walking, riding, and reviewing maps of a new listing which totaled over 500 acres. That tract was not easy to cover but at the end of the day we both had a very knowledgeable perception of the property. As with any job, there are particular tools that are more valuable and applicable than others.

I could go on for hours about our dominate web presence and the power of Mossy Oak Properties. However, while that’s a huge part of the job, that’s not where the work begins. The work begins in the field and what happens there dictates how well a property is marketed and viewed. It doesn’t matter if you’re a buyer or seller, this is beneficial to you for a number of reasons.

For the sellers, you can rest assured knowing that every acre was covered, and there is arguably no one else who will take the attention to detail to thoroughly cover your property as we do. For the buyers, you benefit because we know each listing intimately. So if you’re looking for a property primarily to hunt, we can not only inform you of any listings that may fit the bill for you, we can tell you where the turkeys roost, the deer feed and bed, and even about the small pond in the timber full of wood ducks. Of course, each property is different but you get the idea.

Learning a property to this degree is not easy but it can be simplified with the right tools. Interactive mapping software and crisp high-quality aerial images taken from registered UAVs is a start. We also use high-end cameras to capture images that make you feel as if you’re on the property and not viewing photos from behind a keyboard. Many of us also utilize side-by-side vehicles to assist in showing properties. From iPads to ATVs, we have the tools to accurately cover and assess property.

We truly love our jobs and rarely feel as if we’re “working.” Our time is spent enjoying God’s creation and we’re incredibly thankful for that. We’re also thankful for each and every one of our clients who work with us. Whether you are interested in buying or selling, know that we will work endlessly to ensure that your experience with Mossy Oak Properties is second to none.

Andrew Walters