The Team Behind the Scenes

The Team Behind the Scenes



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Every dedicated land broker on our team will tell you we have the best occupation in the world. We don’t just sell land, we build relationships with our clients. Many of which have turned into friendships that have lasted well past the closing date of their property. We spend as much time outdoors as possible and thank God for the chance to do it every day. However, our team doesn’t consist of just land brokers.

Tess Harrell, Michelle Meredith, and Angela Day all work at our office in Manteo, NC. If you have ever called the office, you’ve spoken to one of them and if you’ve ever stopped by I guarantee you were welcomed with a smile. However, they do much more than just answering phone calls. They handle certain aspects of the closing process, such as what’s recently been put under contract, what has closed, and communication with buyers, sellers, title companies, and attorneys. They have their shares in managing some of our social media pages as well. This blog was uploaded onto our website and then embedded into this email by them, too.

Another example is how promptly and correctly our listings appear on our advertising platforms. Let’s keep in mind there are hundreds of listings in dozens of counties across three states and 7 offices that are constantly being sold, reduced, and newly added. It’s not easy uploading 50 photos, inserting a property description, embedding maps, and ensuring all listings appear uniform across the board. Hopefully, you have seen us at a number of outdoor trade shows such as the Dixie Deer Classic every year. Much of the planning and preparation was conducted by them, too. It’s not an easy job and very little credit is given to these ladies who tackle a job that many of our brokers (myself included) would struggle with.

The truly amazing thing is I haven’t even covered the other 95% of what they do on a regular basis. For the land brokers, our time is better spent in the field building relationships with buyers and sellers, but in order to do that there are hundreds of things that need to be done in the office. There is no doubt that MOP NCLAF, MOP VA, and MOP SC would not be what they are without Tess, Michelle, and Angela and we are lucky to have them as our “Team Behind the Scenes”.

Andrew Walters