The Strength of a Brand

The Strength of a Brand

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Mossy Oak Properties is one of many branches on Mossy Oak tree. Mossy Oak provides outdoorsmen with everything we need to spend time in the field. From the camo pattern on our back to the food plot seeds we cultivate. Mossy Oak is your connection to the outdoors and Mossy Oak Properties is your connection to the recreational real estate world. Hunters and outdoorsmen needed an outlet to ‘find your favorite place”. That nationwide niche was filled by Mossy Oak Properties. The result is a stranglehold, and we’ve yet to release it. Across the US there are 22 states with 75 franchised offices. Three of those offices are in North Carolina, two in South Carolina, and two in Virginia, with over 600 listings combined.

By The Numbers:

Our website (NCLANDANDFARMS.COM) totaled over 420,000 views in 2016. On this site you can be directed to both MOP VA and MOP SC sites as well. We also have a dominant presence on social media tallying over 4,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter. MOSSYOAKPROPERTIES.COM totaled over 207 million hits in 2016 with the average user length over 8 minutes. We also have a robust presence on LandWatch which is the number one trafficked site for rural land. Our presence is equally as stout on Lands of America as well as Land and Farm. Our listings are consistently some of the first, if not the first hits you will see on these pages (

What Do You Get:

When working MOP you receive the best coverage, marketing, and knowledgeable agents in the area. We are full time brokers who put our boots on and hit the field every day. We don’t just sell land. We sell a lifestyle. We don’t pride ourselves on deer killed from across the country and we don’t occasionally sell a piece of farmland on the side, or when we’re not selling beach condos. We are America’s Land Specialists. We sell a place where you and your family can watch the sunset over the river. A place where your son will shoot his first squirrel and your daughter will catch a catfish or two. These are places we hold dear to our hearts and finding the perfect place for you is our primary motivation.

Our future is built on the actions we take today and we never take an opportunity to serve for granted. Our faith, families, and community is what matters most and the manner in which we conduct our daily lives reflects that. Whether buying or selling, know that your business is greatly appreciated and we will do everything necessary to ensure your experience with us is second to none.


Andrew Walters