Some Food for Thought!

Some Food for Thought!

Farm land for SaleDid You Know? Facts about America’s Farmers

Did you know America’s farmers support 24 million jobs? Or that U.S. farmers supply 41.56% of the world’s corn? How about that one acre of soybeans can create 82,368 crayons? America’s farmers produce many products for not only the U.S., but also the world.

Every day, America’s farm families rise to meet the challenge of feeding and clothing the world. Satisfying world demand is exactly what they do. America sends her bounty all over the world, and it all starts on family farms.

To these men and women, the land is more than a livelihood – it’s a legacy. It’s a resource to be cared for, preserved, improved and passed to the next generation. They’re the caretakers of our land. They make their living from it. They provide for us with it.

In some way, we’re all connected to the land. Learn more about what America’s farmers provide for us every day.

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