Small Tract, Big Results!

Small Tract, Big Results!

Kim Parker with her first Buck! A Bertie County bruiser taken from her very own 10 acre hunting tract in Merry Hill, NCWe have a great story for you this week! It’s been said, Quality is better than Quantity… and nothing could be more true for a pair of our favorite clients!

Shane and Kim Parker wanted to have their own little piece of dirt, they didn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend and they didn’t have the time or equipment to manage a large tract of land. They wanted something small, close to home, that they could enjoy together. Luckily we had just what the doctor ordered. Located in Merry Hill, NC was 10 acres of mixed woods land sandwiched between a large tract of managed timber and several fields of cropland.

The only access was a narrow farm path used through the centuries by the local farmers who tended the land. Shane and Kim closed on the property last winter after the season was out and over the months leading into the spring and summer began to get it right. Trail cameras and mineral licks were starting to show signs of a nice buck cruising the block. Shane had a few chances at a nice Turkey during the spring season, but wasn’t able to close the deal. Not the case when the NC Bow Opener rolled around on Saturday September 8th. Shane was fortunate to bag a nice doe on opening day but the best was yet to come. The next morning, hunting from a ground blind, Kim was up to bat. The pair had been watching a nice buck evolve on camera, first in velvet, then to shed, and now completely chocolate. It was around 6 am and very cool for the early season, the couple was on stand only about 30 minutes when in from the left of the blind walks the prize. They thought he was a nine pointer all summer long only to see he had a nice kicker off his brow tine that bumped him to a ten spot. He cruised right into the set, stopped at the salt lick, now just 15 yards from the blind, turned just right, took a step and presented Kim with a perfect broadside shot. WHACK! she closed the deal with a double lung shot, the Bertie County Bruiser only went forty yards and piled up. Now that’s the juice!

Nothing beats seeing a young couple, passionate about working their own piece of dirt, and getting the pay off by sharing a hunt that bags a young lady’s first Buck!. It’s true, dynamite does come in small packages!

Take the time to get in the woods this fall and enjoy God’s great creation and don’t forget to take someone special with you, they’ll love you for it!