Mossy Oak Properties – Who We Are

Mossy Oak Properties – Who We Are

Bryan DeHart's 2015 Gobbler

Bryan DeHart’s 2015 Gobbler

I, along with many of the other Mossy Oak Properties agents, have been asked various questions by the general public who are interested in what we do. By attending trade shows such as the Dixie Deer Classic, Southeastern Sportsman Expo, and our extensive advertising, we gain plenty of exposure. With exposure comes the questions. Here are just a few questions and misconceptions that I’d like to answer.

Are you guys a part The Mossy Oak?

Absolutely! Mossy Oak Properties is the real estate division of the Mossy Oak Company. Mossy Oak has left no stone unturned when it comes to spending time outdoors and enjoying the land. From Nativ Nursuries’ wildlife tree species, to BioLogic’s food plot forages, to Gamekeepers farming for wildlife publication, Mossy Oak has you covered. It only made sense to provide an outlet for outdoorsmen to secure their own piece of land. This led to the first Mossy Oak Properties office to be opened in Alabama in 2001. From then on, Mossy Oak Properties has expanded throughout the USA with one goal in mind – to provide you with the best channel to find your special property.

Marty Laniier's 2015 Gobbler

Marty Lanier’s 2015 Gobbler

We have overpriced land because we are associated with a huge national brand.

False. We spend many hours determining the best selling price for a particular tract of land. These man hours that are put in determines a realistic listing price that sells the land, but leaves no money left on the table for the seller. As you can imagine, this balancing act requires much research and there is much more to this than just throwing out a number.

Since we are associated with a national brand, we may not be in touch with the local land market.

Once again, this is false. By visiting our website you can follow links and see that we have many agents covering eastern NC that are very familiar with the land market. Land prices and uses vary from county to county, therefore we have an extensive network of agents ready to provide you with the best service possible throughout eastern NC. From large tracts with homes, to waterfront properties, to your next hunting tract, we cover all aspects of the land real estate market.

Andrew Walters' 2015 buck

Andrew Walters’ 2015 buck

We’re typical real estate agents who only use the Mossy Oak logo.

False. We are not your regular real estate agents. While we have three offices in NC and one in VA, we do the majority of our work in the field. We are outdoorsmen just like you. From sitting in a turkey blind to fishing the nearest river, we enjoy the same hobbies as you. We thoroughly walk the properties we sell, take notes and capture many photos to not only assist us in determining the best price, but to also provide you with as much information possible. We also have a drone with a camera attachment which allows us to fly over a tract of land to provide a unique insight.  Point in case, we are not your typical real estate agents.

If you are interested in buying or selling land, give us a call. We have an extensive network of local agents with top-of-the-line advertising. You won’t be disappointed with the results. Every year our inventory grows even larger. Give us a call today and let us show you why we are America’s Land Specialists.


Andrew Walters