Mossy Oak Properties teams with CTO and Friends for a Father/Son Hunt!

Mossy Oak Properties teams with CTO and Friends for a Father/Son Hunt!

Mossy Oak Properties teams with CTO and Friends for a Father/Son HuntToo many times, we “modern day” men give way to our work, our personal achievement objectives, and every other distraction that can pull us away from the most important things in our lives. I’m talking about our relationship with God and Family and the time we get to spend with both! One thing I feel very fortunate to witness is how those things mean more to the men who cherish the outdoors.

There is an unwritten code amongst sportsman to value that connection between the land and your heart. We see the time afield as an opportunity to check in with our creator and be grateful for all our blessings, and if we get to spend that time with our children…well it just doesn’t get any better than that. I love going to the woods with my son Ryan, he loves going plinking, goofing around in camp, but most importantly, he likes to spend time with me. He could care less who I am out in the world, how much money I make, my social standing, none of that matters to him. It’s all about being with his Dad, the time together and being in the moment with him, un-distracted.

When was the last time you told your child how much you love them, put your hands on their face and looked into their eyes and told them why they are so important to you? Try it sometime, the toughest guys I know tear up at the notion. God loves us like that too, and it’s easy to pull away from that relationship when we are so busy trying to be something out in the world.

This past week I was blessed to host a Father / Son hunt with my good friends Mike Johnson and Josh East from Cross Trail Outfitters ( We were able to spend two days and nights with our son’s, hunt some beautiful land and stay at one of our favorite lodge locations in North Carolina. I’d tell you where it is but it’s a secret. Better than all that though, we had the chance to connect with our Father too. This is the season to celebrate the birth of the most important child ever to bless this Earth. Take some time this Holiday, and remember that “He is the Reason for the Season”.

Congratulations to Eli Horning of Manteo, who while sitting with his Father Todd took this beautiful 8 point buck!

If you have the chance, please take a kid with you into the woods this Holiday, they’ll love you for it. From all of us at Mossy Oak Properties / Harrell and Associates, Merry Christmas!