Life on the Land: Marty Lanier

Life on the Land: Marty Lanier

Marty LanierThe key to any successful real estate transaction is having a trusted agent to help complete the process. From start to finish, a typical buyer may not be aware of his or her options. And when it comes to making such a large purchase, it’s best to have all the knowledge one can get. While any broker may be capable of providing assistance, it takes a true professional to provide the type of personal stewardship that certified land specialists from Mossy Oak Properties do.

More so than a standard agent, MOP brokers are experts in specific property types and have decades of experience buying, selling and living on the land they promote. Brokers at Mossy Oak form strong connections with the clients they work with, and it shows in how well they are able to close deals and secure properties at a high rate.

Today we hear from Marty Lanier, broker at MOP NC Land and Farm in Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina, about what sets him apart from other land agents.

What’s the most enjoyable/rewarding part of your job at Mossy Oak Properties?
The most rewarding part of the job is being able to spend time on the land, whether with the seller, walking the land and taking pictures for marketing or showing it to buyers.

What drives you to go above and beyond for your clients?
I feel a strong responsibility to do the right things for my clients. I exclusively represent my clients instead of acting as a dual agent. My clients really appreciate that I am looking out for their best interest, and it motivates me to go the extra mile for them.

Did you always have a strong connection to land growing up?
I have always had a very strong connection to the land, and that is why I love this job. I grew up in the woods from the time I was a small child. I started hunting as soon as I could carry a BB gun. I camped out and fished as a child also.

If you had to give a land buyer one piece of advice, what would it be?
Spend some time on the tract, and don’t make an offer unless you really you know it is the right piece for you.

What is something most people wouldn’t realize about the land sales industry at first glance?
It is not as easy as it looks. The amount of time and effort required to put a deal together and get it to closing can be tremendous.

Where do you see the land market in your area in the next 10 years?
I think our timber and farm market will continue to be strong. Unless small-business owners can get back to the point of having disposable income, I have some concerns about the recreational land market.

How has the affiliation with Mossy Oak Properties impacted your business?
Being affiliated with Mossy Oak has made a tremendous difference for me. The marketing power that we have is second to none. It really makes it easy to convince a seller to list with us.

If you were mentoring a young land specialist, what advice would you give him?
Get all the education you can possibly get; not only in real estate – learn about forestry, surveying, wildlife, ponds, wetlands, etc.

If you had to invest your personal net egg in rural land, what characteristics would you look at first?
As a hunter, I would take a hard look at the potential for great wildlife habitat. I would want it to have a water source. A good timber stand would also be important for income so I would be able to improve the tract.

Brokers at Mossy Oak Properties are the best in the business and have the tools and capabilities to pair clients with the property of their dreams. With the largest outreach network in the country, sellers are assured their listings are being viewed by millions of people while buyers can access up-to-date properties in real time. For more information about how MOP is the leading brokerage firm in the land sales industry, contact a rep today.

Courtesy of Mossy Oak Properties