Hunting Semi-Rural Tracts

Hunting Semi-Rural Tracts

A rural farm for sale in Edgecombe County located 15 minutes from Historic Tarboro

An Edgecombe County farm for sale located 15 minutes from Historic Tarboro

Hunting season brings visions of ducks flying into flooded hardwoods and bucks trailing does on frosty mornings. When envisioning future hunts, most hunters automatically picture themselves in a very secluded, rural hunting tract where there is virtually no human disturbances. While these places are amazing, they are not necessary in order to experience successful hunts. I first noticed the potential to harvest large whitetail bucks on semi-rural tracts when I got permission to hunt a small tract of land in Wake County. Not a half hour’s drive from a bustling city, I was blessed to harvest more than a couple very large and unique bucks. Many hunters have figured out that hunting semi-rural properties can be very profitable. Here are a few reasons why.


To clarify, a semi-rural tract can be described as a location that is in between the city and rural areas, but not necessarily in the suburbs. As it turns out, North Carolina and Virginia are covered with areas that have a variety of semi-rural tracts. The outskirts of Raleigh, Wilmington, Suffolk, Edenton, and many other popular cities offer great hunting not far from the city limits. There are obviously many benefits to hunting areas such as these.


Luckily for us, a variety of game species are very adaptive and have found ways to not only survive, but thrive in areas where most hunters seemingly overlook. How many time have you heard about a large buck that was harvested where no one ever thought he would be? I’ll bet it’s happened more than you thought.

To top it off, these wildlife species are so dense in some locations, they are referred to as pest. As the fragmentation of land continues, the game species we pursue are adapting in locations we hadn’t previously thought of hunting. While hunting in clubs with many members on hundreds of acres is great, it is not a requirement to enjoy great hunts. With hunting season quickly approaching, be sure to check out some of our incredible listings that can provide a lifetime of hunting memories.