Fishing The Roanoke

Fishing The Roanoke

Roanoke StriperLast week I was invited to attend a short afternoon fishing trip on the Roanoke River. I would be fishing with Billy McOwen and Bryan DeHart. As it turned out, a property was just listed by the boat ramp in Weldon, right next to the Roanoke River. After determining where the best places for a few Mossy Oak Properties For Sale signs would be, we situated them and then got ready to catch a few fish.

After a short boat ride we arrived at an area where Captain DeHart had been catching a few rock fish earlier in the week. As the afternoon passed, we caught quite a few stripers. After checking out the illustrations on the fish finder, he had a good idea of how and where to fish, which surely gave us an edge that afternoon. Being an experienced fisherman, he already knew what type of tackle and lures to use, which also was a huge plus. As time passed, we would occasionally hit a dry spell and the fishing would taper off. Luckily that didn’t last long and we would soon be back in action, catching a few more stripers.

I also spotted plenty of wildlife while adrift on the water. An immature bald eagle passed over head not long after the fishing started. There were also more than a couple blue herons stalking the water’s edge searching for their next meal. At one point, a few nonchalant nutria passed right next to the boat.

Daylight soon faded and the cloudy, somewhat overcast day turned to darkness and the temperature dropped. Luckily, we had a spike in fishing activity right at sunset, which was a great way to top off an afternoon on the water. According to Captain DeHart and a few other local fishermen, the fishing activity that afternoon had been quite lackluster compared to days earlier. That’s how it goes it seems. Regardless, there is no such thing as a bad day on the water and I know we all enjoyed the afternoon fishing, especially considering we live quite a distance from the Roanoke River.

With the summer months quickly approaching, I would encourage anyone to get on the water and enjoy as much of the outdoors as possible. The NCWRC has done a great job at creating and maintaining many public boat ramps and fishing sites, some of which can be fished without the use of a boat. No matter the time of year, North Carolinian waters are available for an afternoon of great fishing. Take advantage of it this summer and catch some fish!

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