Don’t let anything rob you of your JOY!

Don’t let anything rob you of your JOY!

Canal FishingTaking time out to enjoy the simple things can change your perspective!

Yesterday after a morning prayer meeting at a friends in Hyde County, my partner Bryan and I were driving back through a part of the county near the Inter Coastal Waterway, the “Ditch” as we call it. Just a little Turkey scouting run up HWY 94, looking for long-beards. The ditches were full of fish boiling at the top of the water and Bryan and commented on the great fishing to be had by the side of the road.

The main message of the prayer meeting was about overcoming difficulties through faith and fervent prayer. The speaker, who is a close friend, shared a story about some very tough times he recently went through and his promise to the Lord that he would not let the circumstances at hand “Rob him of his Joy!” Good Stuff! What I see happening in my life more and more are distractions away from what is really important. Like many of us, I work long hours, along with family and community commitments my calendar is always full, even on weekends. All I could think about while we were driving home was what I needed to do next, the phone calls, the computer, the paperwork, this blog!

We rolled by 5 long-beards crossing a field and Bryan shouted out “Oh I got to turn around”. We pulled off, spun around and pulled up to Gobblers with my window down, some 20 yds away and I said to them “What’s up fellas?” To our surprise they all gobbled together on cue, NO JOKE! We started laughing and watched as they took flight over the front of the truck and landed across the road. Mission Accomplished!

Pointed now in the direction from which we just came, I’m right back to thinking about work and what I need to do next, but Bryan is still driving south. After a mile of so, I said “Where you going now?” he said “Back to catch some of those fish”. This is something I would not have done if I was by myself, because taking time out for 15 minutes of JOY would not occur to me, pretty sad actually.

We pulled over next to the ditch and after about 5 casts Bryan is already hooked up with a nice little bass, about 5 minutes later I’m on one as well. We worked down the bank, catching a couple of snags, and a nice little yellow perch (pictured above). 15-20 minutes later we are back in the truck, smiles on our faces, ready to tackle whatever the world throws at us.

A great lesson for me, nothing is so important I can’t take a few minutes to ENJOY what God provides for us all, the great outdoors. I’m gonna keep a fishing rod and few curly tails in the truck from here on out. Don’t let life’s happenings “Rob you of your Joy” take time out each day to soak up the beauty that is around us all. Many thanks to partner Bryan for reminding me why we do what we do at Mossy Oak Properties!

Don’t forget to take a kid hunting or fishing, they’ll love you for it