Avoiding Frustration – Working With Professionals

Avoiding Frustration – Working With Professionals

unnamedEarlier this week I spent a considerable amount of time with a buyer looking at numerous listings. We had looked at nearly a dozen properties in the past few months to no avail. They had a list of attributes their future property needed to have, a few things they would like to have, and things the property couldn’t have. Easy enough, right? Wrong. After a few hours of walking and riding, we took a break on my tailgate and re-hydrated. They were visibly frustrated.

We didn’t earn the title of being America’s Land Specialists by being pushy land salesmen. That’s not who we are nor how we operate. We pride ourselves on helping you “Find Your Favorite Place”. But the truth is finding your favorite place isn’t always easy. So we have two options. 1.) We can show you all of our listings (461 of them) and if nothing works then walk away. Or 2.) We can exhaust all options and scour every imaginable outlet where a property that’s applicable to your needs can be found. I’m sure you know what option we take.

The truth of the matter is that we are land professionals and have the ability to navigate the channels necessary to find what it is you’re looking for. Our dedicated team of land brokers possess an expansive reach, so when you work with one agent, you’re actually working with 32 Mossy Oak Properties agents. It takes teamwork and communication to find and purchase a property, so trusting who you’re working with is essential. For most, purchasing land is one of the most expensive transactions they’ll make in their lifetime. Why would the buyer or their agent take that decision lightly?

If you’re in the market for that perfect piece of land, chances are we have a property that will fit the bill for you. However, rest assured if we don’t we’ll jump every hurdle necessary to serve our clients. We appreciate the opportunity to serve and don’t take that for granted.

As far as my aforementioned frustrated buyer. They had an offer accepted on a listing just the other day that was “exactly what they’ve been looking for.”

Andrew Walters